A Guide to our Online Website

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A Guide to our Online Website


Step 1: Login or Register for an account with us 

  • Upon logging in, select on the Online/Wholesale tab to view items listed for sale on our website
  • You will be able to view the prices after you have logged in

Step 2: Browse & Shop for fishes/plants/accessories which you would like to purchase.

  • Select Item, Size, and input Quantity which you would like to buy
  • Add them to the Shopping Cart

Step 3: Checkout your confirmed orders

  • Click on the Shopping Bag icon (top right corner of the screen)
  • Select Checkout when you are ready to

Step 4: Input your Billing/Delivery details, Delivery and Payment Method

  • Select or Enter your Billing and Delivery address
  • Select your preferred Delivery method: Self collection or Home Delivery (Charges may apply)
  • Select your preferred Payment method: Bank transfer or PayNow/PayLah
  • For any special requests or preferred date of delivery/self-collection, please kindly state in the Comments section

Step 5: Complete Checkout & Make Payment

  • Click on Continue once all details have been correctly entered
  • Take note of the Payment details on this screen - Proceed to make payment to us via the selected Payment method (stated in the Checkout page)
  • Upon completion of payment, click on the Complete Order button

Step 6: Wait for Confirmation & Receive your fishes!

  • Check that you have received an automated email, stating that your order has been received by us (If not, there may be something that went wrong with the Checkout process, you may contact our Customer service if you require any assistance)
  • Our friendly staff will contact you (either via WhatsApp, SMS or E-mail) with regards to your order and arrangement of Self-collection or Delivery
  • Self-collect or Receive the fishes at the allocated date!

Items (and size) that are in stock are stated when selecting the size option.

  • If an item is in stock, it will be indicated eg. 3-4cm *In Stock
  • If an item is not in stock but available in pre-order, only the size will be stated eg. 3-4cm

Natural Coloured cichlids are fishes that have been quarantined at our facility for a certain period of time, to make sure that their colours are what they naturally have, and that the colours should maintain when you bring them home (under the right lighting, water conditions etc).

You may place your orders and make payment as per the normal checkout process.

We will take note to bring in your orders in our next incoming shipment, and inform you when they have arrived.

For items that are not available in pre-order, we will follow-up with you and proceed with a refund (if you would not like to continue waiting).

Regular customers & Purchases in bulk will be entitled to discounts. To view these prices, simply add your orders into the Shopping Cart (discounts will be automatically applied).

You may state in the Comments section at Checkout about your preferred Self Collection date and time, we will do our best (*please note that this is not the confirmed collection slot until we inform you so).

Under normal circumstances and if all items in your order are available in stock, collection slot will be available from next day onwards (for orders submitted before 12noon, otherwise it will be considered order submitted the next day), unless otherwise stated.

Eg. If you submit your orders on Monday before 12noon, collection will be available from Tuesday onwards (unless otherwise stated); If you submit your orders on Monday after 12noon, collection will be available from Wednesday onwards (unless otherwise stated). 

For more information, please refer to our Delivery Information or Contact Us.

You may state in the Comments section at Checkout about your preferred Delivery date and time, we will do our best (*please note that this is not the confirmed delivery date until we inform you so).

Delivery date and time will vary according to time of order, delivery address, and availability of drivers. You will be informed once a delivery slot has been allocated for you, and you will have to confirm the delivery date and time before the delivery will be activated.

For more information, please refer to our Delivery Information or Contact Us.

At the moment, we accept payment via Bank Transfer, PayNow or PayLah.

You may view more information about the payment details here:

  • When you select the payment mode at Checkout (second page)
  • Order Confirmation e-mail (after checkout)
  • My Account > Order History

You will have to enter your delivery/billing address before shipping options are available. Here is how you can add them:

  • At Checkout page
  • My Account > My Address Book

Please feel free to Contact us if problem persists, thanks.

Your account may have been de-activated due to inactivity or suspected suspicious activity. Please kindly contact our customer service to check on this issue.


This is the default order status when our system has successfully received your order. We will update the next status within 1-2 working day.

What can you do in the meantime?

If all the items ordered are In Stock and you have selected an offline payment mode, you can proceed to make payment. If you have missed the payment details at Checkout, you may refer to the Order confirmation sent to your e-mail address, or at My Account > Order History

We have received your payment made (refer to comments for date and amount received). We will update the next status within 1-2 working days (unless otherwise informed).

Response is needed from you about your order. This may happen under the following circumstances:

  • Item ordered is not in stock
  • Change in price due to Seasonal
  • Any other special situations

You will be informed about your available choices i.e. to join pre-order, change size, or cancel your order.

What happens after you respond to us?

If you have selected to cancel your order, order status will change to 'Order Cancelled' and refund given will be stated in the comments.

Otherwise, the order status will remain, but your response will be indicated in the Comments eg. Order pending, Awaiting for pre-order.

Availability of your order has been confirmed.

  • For Self-Collections, you will be informed of your Self collection date and time slot. Please kindly confirm with us that you will be coming down to collect.
  • For Delivery, you will be informed of the proposed delivery date and time. Please kindly confirm if it is ok to receive the parcel, otherwise advise us a preferred delivery date and time (will do our best to arrange).

For Self Collections, your orders have been packed and are ready for collection.

For Delivery, your orders have been handed over to our delivery personels and are out for delivery.

The transaction has been completed!

Thank you for Shopping with us, and Reward points will be awarded to you for your order.

Your order has been cancelled due to the following reasons:

  • Response from 'Order Pending' to cancel order
  • Placed an order with us, unable to contact you and did not make payment within 3 days
  • There is a change in your order, a new one has been re-submitted
  • Request by you to cancel the order
  • Any other situations (explained to customer)

Orders cancelled will be deleted from our system after 1 month.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to Contact Us, we will get back to you soonest possible.