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Our February Specials - Discus & Tanganyika Cichlids

Scientific NameSymphysodon Aequifasciata

DietUsual Food

Water Conditions : 28-32 ░C; pH 6-7.5; dH 0-8

Care LevelMedium

Tiger Red Discus


Our Discus Specials...
Golden Pigeon Blood Discus Blue Diamond Discus Red Raising Sun Snakeskin Discus Checkerboard Pigeon Blood Discus Brilliant Blue Turquoise Discus Red/White Discus
Cobalt Discus Red Raising Sun Discus Pigeon Blood Discus Red Melon Discus Red Turquoise Discus White Diamond Discus

Our Tanganyika Cichlid Specials...

Tropheus Moorii- Ilangi Opthalmotilapia Ventralis Tropheus Moorii- Bulu Point Cyphatilapia Frontosa Tropheus Moorii- Ikola Tropheus Moorii- Bemba Red
Tropheus Moorii- Blunthead Tropheus Duboisi Neolamprologus Leleupi Tropheus Moorii- Red Cyathopharynx Furcifer Tropheus Moorii- Golden Firecracker
Our New/Offer Specials this February...
Red Lizard Whiptail Electric Blue Dempsey Adolfoi Corydoras Black Diamond Cichlid Cochu's Blue Tetra Platydoras Costatus

Peek of our Specialities...

Julii Corydoras Long Fin Bronze Corydoras Albino Corydoras Long Fin Panda Corydoras Venezuela Aeneus Corydoras
Red Kadango Lab. Flavissimus- Yellow Princess Chilotilapia Rhoadesii Pseudo. Zebra Red Haplo. Ahli
Black Platy Bumble Bee Platy Golden Mickey Platy Hawaii Variatus Platy Red Wagtail Platy

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