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Company History - How did Trop Aquarium become successful today?

In operations since 1987, Trop Aquarium started off as a breeder and wholesaler in a rented farm space at Buangkok area. Due to resettlement of farm, we then moved to a small shop at Jalan Senang (Singapore), supplying fish to local exporters. Eventually in 1989, we made our successful first step of export shipment into Europe, which we quickly made our name for the good quality fish and timely delivery amongst all existing exporters.

Following our success, we began our expansion plan into the global market. Due to the large volume of order requests we receive from the Europe and the space constraint in the small retail shop, we took up our first challenge - to build and move into a farm space. 



In 1995, our farm completed construction, occupying a land area of 13,968m2 - consisting of 1,000 fully equipped quarantine tanks, a grow-out area of 8,890m2, and a temperature-controlled packing room to keep us well prepared for our export worldwide.



Despite successfully settling down into the farm area and stablising our export shipments to all parts of the world (including Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and North America), we continuously strive to improve our quality and efficiency throughout the years - such as the creation of our very own high density packing technique, the launch of our highly computerised systems for farm operations and automated water re-cycle system.



With our strict control and strive to constantly improve ourselves, we clinched both ISO 9002 for our Quality Management and ISO 14001 for our Environmental Management in year 2000. With the continuous strive to upgrade and raise our standards throughout the years, it has enabled us to retain the 2 ISO certificates till today.


In 2017, due to the shortage of land space in Singapore, the Animal Veterinary Authority (now NParks, Animal and Veterinary Service) encouraged farmers islandwide to move towards indoor farming. Despite the many unwillingness voiced out from all farmers and exporters, we viewed this as a new opportunity - to better control, manage and prepare our quality and efficiency.



Taking up the challenge, Trop Aquarium established our new chapter with the completion of our indoor farm-factory in year 2019. Along with better quality and productivity management enhanced through indoor farming, we develop our very own procedures to achieving disease-free fishes. Despite the increasing cost of operation islandwide, we are able to acheive cost effectiveness from the overall reduced operational cost. This has allowed us to maintain the prices to our customers, giving them a competitive advantage against competitors in their market.




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