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pH: 7

Hardness: 6-20 dH

Temperature: 23-28 ░C


Black Tail Guppy Red Tuxedo Guppy Blue-Tail Guppy Blue Varigated Guppy
Green Endler Guppy Full Black Guppy Golden Cobra Guppy Green Cobra Guppy
Metallic Golden Guppy Metallic Rainbow Guppy Moscow Blue Guppy Multi Color Red Body Guppy
Multi Color Green Body Guppy Neon LT Green Guppy Neon LT Red Guppy Neon Blue Guppy
Peacock Guppy Pectoral LF Guppy Red Blonde Body Guppy Red Cobra Guppy
Red Leopard Tail Guppy Red Neon Tuxedo Guppy Red Tail Guppy Yellow Leopard Tail Guppy
Yellow Tail Guppy
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