Singapore Exporter of Freshwater Tropical Fish,

Marine Fish, Invertebrates & Aquatic Plant

Established since 1987

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ISO9001 Quality Management System

Cert No. 160108

Staying Ahead of the Shoal

(March 2003)

-LRQ Review


ISO14001 Environmental Management System

Second Major Award for Trop Aquarium

Cert No. 190006

(Article from August 2000) -OFI Journal

Upgraded in 2004

Best Performance Award

New Awards for Trop Aquarium

(February 2003)

-OFI Journal (2001/2002)


ISO9002 Quality Management System

Major Honour for Trop Aquarium

(May 2000)

-OFI Journal

Environmental Friendly Operation

Agro Vision

(June 2001)

-Commended by Agri-Veterinary Authority (AVA Singapore)


International Fish Competition 1st Prize

Class 1 Molly Category

Aquarama 2003



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