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Trop Aquarium



Mission: Trop Aquarium always puts our customers' interest first, in various aspects from the breeding and delivery stage, all the way down to our staff recruitment and training.


Vision: Trop Aquarium aims to become a top international company specialising in export of Freshwater Tropical Fishes.


In operations since 1987, Trop Aquarium has been in the international market since 1989. Our reputation in various aspects has led the company into a fast rising growth in the export market.  As years have passed, we are now a global venture & one of Singapore's top fish farm. Despite our tremendous growth, our commitment to our customer remains intact. As a company who promises quality and value of our fishes, we are certain to aid our customers in their businesses.


Our farm currently occupies a land area of 13,968m2; consisting of 1,000 fully equipped quarantine tanks, a grow-out area of 8,890m2, & a temperature-controlled packing room to keep us well prepared for the export of our top quality fish worldwide.


We all know how inadequate handling & packing of fishes can ruin quality stock. At Trop Aquarium, we take a special perspective when it comes to business: Your interest. As a customer, you can definitely depend on our multi-step export procedures.


With business partners scattered all around the world, Trop Aquarium now has Sole Distributorships in 11 countries, and clients from 35 countries. Being recognised for our farm management, ability to meet our customers' needs & advancement in technology, we strive to further expand our export market and be the top within the fish industry.

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