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Trop Aquarium - how are we different from the rest?


Mission: To always put our customers' interest first, from the breeding to order processing and delivery stage, all the way down to our staff recruitment and training while adhering strictly to our ISO 9001 Quality policy and ISO 14001 Environmental policy.


Vision: As one of the top international exporter of ornamental fish and plants, Trop Aquarium constantly strives to improve and innovate in the ever-changing industry, aiming to be the leader of the industry. Through the use of up-to-date techniques and exploring into new technology, we continue to create environmental friendly operations to meet the requirement, needs and expectations of our customers.


With over 30 years experience, Trop Aquarium brands and differentiates ourselves from other exporters with the following points:


1. Always placing our Customer's Interest First - we constantly understand from our clients about problems they face, and analyse how we can improve or help them with the situation. We always believe in one thing; "Only when our client's business prosper, so will ours."


2. Good Quality Fish from Good Sources- fishes are subjected to stress during harvesting, stocking, selecting, packing and temperature changes. This leads to suppression of the immune system or loss of appetite, whereby fishes can become susceptible to pathogens and infections. Adopting measures to reduce fish stress (i.e. providing first rate farm sanitation, water management, nutritional care, treatment of diseases etc) coupled with our pre-packing preparation (i.e. 24-48hrs observation, starvation, temperature control etc), we ensure that all fishes are in good condition for export before sending the fishes to our clients. We will never risk shipping any fishes that are not suitable to travel. Besides, with careful selection, we are always looking out for good and better sources of supplies, ensuring that only the best ones are used and sent to our clients.


3. High Density Packing Technique - at many times, clients always think that with high density packing there will sure to be high mortality on arrival. At Trop Aquarium, we spend a lot of time in the preparation of our fishes for export - because we know that only having good fishes is not enough. With our good and high density packing technique coupled with the good preparation before export, we always target to ship these quality fishes to all our clients with good landing condition (guarantee 95% live arrival), at good landed price (with the lower landing cost per fish) which are comparatively cheaper to sell in this competitive market.


4. Rare and Unique Fishes - we are always on the lookout for rare and unique fishes, as well as constantly enhancing and creating nice colour good quality fishes to offer to our clients. Through our innovation in quarantine and fish feed, we bring out the best colour and disease-free fishes for our clients, putting them at the forefront of the market.


Besides having good fish, we always believe that it is important to prepare the fishes well and have the correct packing technique in order for them to reach our clients in good condition for sale. With good landing condition (95% live arrival guarantee), we are able to provide our customers with good quality fish, and yet competitive and good landing price.



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