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Our Supplies - Our grow-out area of 8,980m2 holds 5,000 tons of water, specially built to cater for our customers' current & future demands. We source and breed fishes, feed them with good supply of nutrients and water to further improve their health and colour. Trop Aquarium is also part of an established network of good farmers who adopt good farming management practices, providing quality fishes, advice and support. Let us know if you want us to stock for you!


Quarantine Facilities - Our farm is equipped with 1,000 quarantine tanks where fishes are kept prior export. The quarantine procedure is an essential step for quality assurance. Fishes are subjected to stress during harvesting, stocking, selecting, packing and temperature changes. This lead to a suppression of the immune system or loss of appetite. As a result, the fishes can become susceptible to pathogens and infection. Hence, we take preventive measures to reduce fish stress by providing first rate farm sanitation, water management, nutritional care and treatment of diseases.

Packing Facilities - Our unique pre-packing preparation combines 24-48 hour of observation, starvation, and temperature control. This has contributed to high density packing that is second to none, with good landing condition and better quality of the import. It reduces landing price and allows our clients to have a better competitive edge.

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Believing that constant Research & Development in our facilities will help us stay ahead in competition, we are constantly upgrading our skills and developing new farm technology for our farm operations, water re-cycle system & product testing.

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