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Our July Specials - Tanganyika, Fighting Fish & Rainbowfish

Scientific NameLamprologus Cylrndicus

DietUsual Food

Water Conditions : 25-30 ░C; pH 6-8; dH 6-14

Care LevelMedium

Lamp. Cylindricus


Our Tanganyika Specials...
Cyathopharynx Furcifer Tropheus Moorii- Bulu Point Tropheus Moorii- Ikola Opthalmotilapia Ventralis Tropheus Moorii- Ilangi Neolamprologus Leleupi

Our Fighting Fish Specials...

Blue Siamese Fighter Red Siamese Fighter Plackat Dumbo Betta Crown Tail White Betta Twin Lobe Betta Half Moon Betta

Our Rainbowfish Specials...

Bosemani Rainbow Red Rainbow Maccullochi Rainbow Madagascar Rainbow Popandichthys Furcata Trifasciata Rainbow
Our New/Offer Specials this July...
Snakeskin Golden Discus Pseudotropheus Acci Tiger Albino Barb Polar Blue Parrot Green Tiger Loach Ranchu Red/White Goldfish

Peek of our Specialities...

Blue Diamond Discus Pigeon Blood Discus Golden Pigeon Blood Discus Melon Red Discus Red Turquoise Discus
Dwarf Gourami Pearl Gourami Golden Gourami Cobalt Dwarf Gourami Honey Gourami- Red Flame
Serpae Tetra Neon Tetra Green Fire/Red Belly Tetra Bloodfin Glass Tetra Penguin Tetra

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