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Our May Specials - Discus, Cichlids & Others

Scientific NameSymphysodon Aequifasciata

DietUsual Food

Water Conditions : 28-32 ░C; pH 6-7.5 dH 0-8

Care LevelMedium

Red Map Turquoise Discus


Our Discus Specials...
Stardust Discus Brilliant Blue Turquoise Discus Snakeskin Red Discus Golden Marlboro Discus Pigeon Blood Snakeskin Discus White Diamond Discus

Our Cichlid & Other Specials...

Threadfin Acara Albino Pseudo. Socolofi Green Terror Chromide-Red Spotted Headstander Asiaticus
Our New/Offer Specials this May...
Aul. Jacobfreibergi -Red Dim. Compresscieps OB Clown Loach Red Eye Albino Angel Nyassa Peacock -Red Side Otocinclus Mariae
Aulonocara Stuartgranti (Maulana) Oranda Red/White Goldfish Spotted Fire Eel Green Terror Balloon Bumble Bee Cichlid Pseudo. Tropheops -Albino Red Cheek

Peek of our Specialities...

Green Cobra Guppy Blue Varigated Guppy Metallic Golden Guppy Pectoral LF Guppy Multi Color Red Body Guppy
Tropheus Moorii -Bulu Point Altolamprologus Calvus Tropheus Moorii -Golden Firecracker Cyphatilapia Frontosa Red Tropheus Moorii -Ilangi
Black Platy Red Wagtail Platy HF White Mickey Platy Bumble Bee Platy Red Platy

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