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Our September Specials - Tanganyika Cichlids & Others

Scientific NameCyphatilapia frontosa mpimbwe

DietUsual Food

Water Conditions : 25-30 ░C; pH 6-8 dH 6-14

Care LevelMedium

Cyphatilapia Frontosa Mpimbwe


Our Tanganyika Cichlids Specials...
Xenotilapia Flavipinnis Lam. Tetracanthus Aulonocranus Dewindti Lam. Brichardi Lam. Tretocephalus Tropheus Duboisi
Cyphatilapia Frontosa Ectodus Descampsii Tropheus Moorii -Golden Kipili Paracyprichromis Nigripinnis Altolamprologus Calvus Nakamba Callochromis Macrops Red Ndole

Our Other Specials...

Long Fin Panda Corydoras Lab. Fuelleborni OB Managuense Cichlid Sterbai Corydoras Nyassa Peacock -Blue Silver Arrowana
Our New/Offer Specials this September...
Black Diamond Cichlid Pseudo. Lombardoi Clarias Albino Spotted Haplo. Fenestratus Gold Tetra Neon Tetra -Albino

Peek of our Specialities...

Blue Diamond Discus Pigeon Blood Snakeskin Discus White Diamond Discus Marlboro Red Discus Snakeskin Golden Discus
Neon Blue Dwarf Gourami Neon Red Dwarf Gourami Dwarf Gourami Cobalt Dwarf Gourami Honey Gourami -Red Flame
Dim. Compresscieps Aul. Jacobfreibergi Red Nyassa Peacock -OB Pseudo. Zebra Red Haplo. Venustus

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