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Our April Specials - Goldfish & Others

Scientific NameCarassius Auratus

DietUsual Food

Water Conditions : 23-30 ░C; pH 6-7.5; dH 6-12

Care LevelMedium

Oranda Red/Black Goldfish


Our Goldfish Specials...
Oranda Black Goldfish (China) Oranda Calico Goldfish (China) Oranda Red Cap Goldfish (China) Oranda Red/White Goldfish (China) Ryukin Calico Goldfish (China) Bubble Eye Red Goldfish
Bubble Eye Calico Goldfish Shubunkin Red Goldfish Pearl-Scale Red White Goldfish Ranchu Red Goldfish Ranchu Red Cap Goldfish Ryukin Red Goldfish

Our Other Specials...

Cuvier's Bichir Red Eye Albino Butterfly Fish (pantodon sp.) Scats-Green Spotted Black LT Balloon Molly Blood Red Balloon Molly Red Leopard Balloon Molly
Hero Severum Guianacara Geayi Nyassa Peacock-OB Mel. Auratus Red Kadango Cyphatilapia Frontosa Red
Our New/Offer Specials...
Silver Arrowana Threadfin Acara Albino Managuense Cichlid Haplo. Ahli Haplo. Fenestratus Polar Blue Parrot

Peek of our Specialities...

Ram Balloon Ram Electric Blue Golden Head Apistogramma Cacatuoides Ram Balloon Electric Blue Golden Head Ram Balloon Golden
Neon-Blue Guppy Neon LT Red Guppy Pectoral LF Guppy Peacock Guppy Green Cobra Guppy
Blue Siamese Fighter Tricolor Siamese Fighter Plackat Dumbo Betta Crown Tail Betta Twin Lobe Betta

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