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Our May Specials - Guppy, Discus & Others

Scientific NamePoecilia Reticulata

DietUsual Food

Water Conditions : 23-28 ░C; pH 7; dH 6-20

Care LevelMedium

Peacock Guppy


Our Guppy Specials...
Red Tail Guppy Green Endler Guppy Golden Cobra Guppy Green Cobra Guppy Rainbow Guppy Blue-Tail Guppy

Our Discus & Other Specials...

Stardust Discus White Pigeon Blood Discus Checkerboard Discus Pearl Diamond Discus Red Raising Sun Snakeskin Discus Golden Pigeon Blood Discus
Platydoras Costatus Black & Yellow Leporinus Alligator Gar Clown Killie Spotted Gar Spotted Headstander
Our Popular/Offer Specials this May...
Lake Kurumoi Rainbowfish Nyassa Peacock- Yellow Green Terror Lam. Brichardi Albino Tropheus Moorii- 
Bemba Red
Venezuela Aeneus Corydoras

Peek of our Specialities...

Black Angel Golden Angel VT Half Black Angel VT Koi Angel Marbled Angel VT
Clown Loach Striata Botia (Zebra Loach) Sidthimunki Botia Histrionica Botia Red Tail Botia
Blue Velvet Shrimp Sulawesi White Glove Shrimp Orange Rili Shrimp Green Jade Shrimp Yellow Fire Shrimp

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