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Our August Specials - Cichlids & Rainbowfish

Scientific NameAcarichthys heckelii sp albino

DietUsual Food

Water Conditions : 25-30 ░C; pH 6-8 dH 6-14

Care LevelMedium

Threadfin Acara Albino


Our Cichlids Specials...
Black Diamond Cichlid Green Terror Hypsophrys Nicaraguensis Electric Blue Dempsey LF Thorichthys Ellioti Firemouth Cichlid
Guayas Cichlid (Red Terror) Yellow Belly Cichlid Managuense Cichlid Hero Severum Uaru Cichlid

Our Rainbowfish Specials...

Dwarf Peacock Rainbow Maccullochi Rainbow Bosemani Rainbow Parkinsoni Rainbow Lake Kutubu Rainbowfish Trifasciata Rainbow
Our New/Offer Specials this August...
Otopharynx Lithobates Neolamprologus Helianthus (Sunflower Congo) Dim. Compresscieps Albino Synodontis Petricola Champsochromis Caeruleus Nyassa Peacock -Red Albino (Red Eye)

Peek of our Specialities...

Neolamprologus Longior (Orange Leleupi) Lam. Brichardi Cyphatilapia Frontosa Tropheus Moorii -Golden Firecracker Neolamprologus Similis
Silver Dollar Elephant Nose Mono Angel Butterfly Fish (pantodon sp.) Red Pacu
Pearl Scale Red/White Goldfish Oranda Red Cap Goldfish Red Fantail Goldfish Black Butterfly (Grade A) Goldfish Ryukin Red/White Goldfish

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